How I work

Design process

In the case of single-family houses, at the beginning I recommend that clients write down how they think the house should function. What kind of rooms they want there, how many people will live in it when it is finished, and how many in 15 years, for example. What are their hobbies and special wishes – workshop, wine cellar, sauna, music room and the like. I wonder if they work at home, or if they go away for a longer period of time, for example.

I always design the house including modifications to the surrounding land, so I ask about any other buildings around (garden house, greenhouse, woodshed, swimming pool, summer kitchen, garage…) and about the idea of ​​how to use the garden.

I am also interested in the amount of investment the clients are expecting, and what their construction time schedule is.

From these documents, we will create a construction program together (total size of the house, expected rooms and their layout), a design schedule and its price.

First, I prepare pencil sketches and a simple model of the basic variants. At this stage, the project can be consulted, for example, with preservationists. We gradually coordinate the arrangement, appearance and materials, with the clients.

Next, a finished Study will be created. Which is the final form of the house, including its equipment, layout of the surrounding land, small buildings and greenery. This study is then the basis for the project for a building permit.

Project for building permit. It contains all the parts necessary for the statement of the authorities and for the construction permit.

Implementation project for construction. It clarifies and specifies the structure of the building, its essential details, the management of installations and their components. Enables the creation of an itemized budget.

My work also includes:

Cooperation in the selection of suppliers – preparation of documents for the creation of offers.

Author supervision during construction – checking whether the construction is proceeding according to the documentation, solving and supplementing the necessary details, approving deviations and changes compared to the documentation, photo documentation of the construction, participation in local investigations with representatives of the authorities.

However, it is not part of my job

Technical supervision of the investor, which checks the construction company or companies, whether they proceed according to the documentation and the contract for the work, takes over the individual phases of the construction, coordinates work procedures, checks invoicing, overtime and underwork, etc. for the investor.

This is a short and simplified collaboration process. We can discuss everything in more detail during personal contact.